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The Key to Freight: Options

by dannyadmin on August 25, 2014

Do you know what the main difference between trucking companies is? It’s usually not the price or their range or even the trucks they have in their fleet. It’s the options that they offer smaller businesses. After all, not every business is doing so much volume that they can fill an entire container or truck box – but at the same time a company that usually ships less than truck load (LTL) can sometimes have a big order or a good month and suddenly need to ship full truck load (FTL). While you can certainly find FTL freight brokers in Houston and LTL freight brokers in Houston, the ideal broker is one that offers both services.


Less than Truck Load Shipping


When you start shipping freight, you run into the common problem: Trucking requires their beds to be full to make the cost of moving vast distances economical. As a result, finding a broker who will handle less than full truck load shipping can be a challenge. But if your freight can’t be broken down into pieces of less than 150 pounds, parcel carriers simply won’t be an option even if you’re willing to pay the premium for it.


A broker that can handle your LTL shipping is worth their weight in gold, and a broker than can also handle full truck load freight is even more valuable because of the flexibility they offer you. As you grow your business using LTL shipping, you’ll eventually find yourself occasionally need FTL shipping – and then needing it more and more often until it’s the standard service you use.


Don’t hem yourself in. When shopping around for trucking companies, make sure you choose one that can offer you the range of freight services your business needs.


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