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Choosing the Right Truck for Oversized Loads

by dannyadmin on August 20, 2014

There are few more complicated challenges in the freight or shipping business than the oversized load. From construction materials to entire houses, there are few loads so large they can’t be hauled by flatbed trucking companies (Houston or elsewhere). Whether it involves special services like oversized specialized delivery or something that would be considered a Super load, it’s a testament to modern technology, ingenuity and power that there’s always a way to get it to you or your customers.


The Oversize Secret


The secret to dealing with an oversize load is the truck itself. When looking for a trucking company to handle your oversized loads, everyone has a tendency to concentrate on price and possibly the range of services offered. And those are important metrics. Equally important, however, is the right truck for the job – don’t be fooled into hiring a company that thinks every truck can handle every job.


Trucks for Oversize Loads Houston


If the trucking company you’re considering uses any of the following terms when discussing your oversized load, run, don’t walk to another company:


  • Mini Float. To the untrained eye, these flatbeds can look about right, but won’t be able to handle the weight and logistics of an oversized load.


  • Flatbed Tractor Trailer. Again, these ‛look’ right, and are often used to haul heavy equipment so may seem reasonable, but most are not classed for the weight and width of a true oversized load.


So what should you look for? For oversized or Super loads, you need what’s called a Drop Deck or a Stretch Float truck. These are more expensive to rent and operate, but are the only sort of trucks that can get an oversized load to your destination without risk – financial or otherwise.


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